June 3rd -11th, 2016

BACKTOATHENS_2016_VISUAL_22.6 X 28.64th Back to Athens International Cultural Festival returns to the very heart of Athens, within the Exarchia district. For one week, an affiliation of artists from Greece, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, New York, LA, Zürich, Kobe, Prague, Bangladesh, Cyprus and London will unite their creative vitality to present dynamic agenda of events before the Athenian public. Back to Athens unites the city’s artistic community in a festival-type gettogether of cultural events. Artists and Athenian residents, local businesses (shops, offices, restaurants, cafes) take up a detailed schedule of festivals, visual arts, curatorial exhibitions, performances, music performances, screenings within their venues and private spaces. Back to Athens public showcase of contemporary art and expression, boosts social awareness of the Athens City Center and restores the local community to the Athens City Center. Back to Athens is an idea platform a transit meeting place for artists in Athens.

Back to Athens 2016, 7 days, a daily agenda of exhibitions, events, parties and music.

Back to Athens 2016 International Cultural Festival involves main cooperating partners
Christian Rupp (Austria), Lennox Raphael and Jesper Dalmose (Berlin Soup).

Back to Athens 2016 Curated and Organized by:
Georg Georgakopoulos, Dimitirs Georgakopoulos, Fotini Kapiri